Intimate Beach Wedding at la Palapa Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

fotos bodas de playa La Palapa Puerto Vallarta beach wedding venues muelle Los Muertos Beach pier

Making your dream beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta in the summer is a bit tricky as the weather could have for you some surprises, and Frances + Bob can talk about it for a while. Since the planning stages she was seriously concerned about the chances of raining during her intimate wedding at La Palapa Restaurant in Los Muertos Beach, in Puerto Vallarta. In the end, we all hoped for the best and set the times to make it happen at the sunset.

The caring staff at La Palapa, led by Sofia, carried on with a lovely and detail filled set up close to one of the most representative spots in town: Los Muertos beach pier ( recently listed amongst top most beautiful piers in the world by CNN travel) ; friends, family, Marcela – the officiant-, I  and an excited groom awaited for the bride to show up, when heavy clouds approached threatening. Optimistic comments went back and forth ( whilst keeping our fingers crossed). Finally she showed up, just along with the first rain drops, and yet, it was decided that the ceremony would go on. Minutes later, their perseverance paid off: a magnificent sunset was the frame of an amazing day.

So thankful to be part of these moments.


Author: raul perez amezquita

Fotógrafo, parcialmente geek y 101% feliz padre de familia. / Photographer, a bit of a geek and 100% happy father of two girls. Wedding photography

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