Dream Puerto Vallarta Beach Sunset Wedding at the Hilton Resort

I guess the worst nightmare for a bride and a groom is to know that your planned beach destination wedding could be canceled due to an hurricane, however, as it happens in the movies, this love story had a happy ending , thanks to the careful service and accomodating attitude from the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, leaded by their energetic and professional wedding planner Alejandra.

So, Maria and Jason had to change their original wedding destination from Cabo to Puerto Vallarta due to the effects of Hurricane Odile, and because of the diligent work of all the ones that were involved in the event, and the good attitude from the soon to be newlyweds , a gorgeous Ocean front Wedding, framed by the unique Puerto Vallarta Sunset, their families and beloved ones ended up enjoying a marvelous evening.  And I was  lucky enough to be there to document it.

Even darkest clouds have a silver lining.



Author: raul perez amezquita

Fotógrafo, parcialmente geek y 101% feliz padre de familia. / Photographer, a bit of a geek and 100% happy father of two girls. Wedding photography

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