Very Mexican details for your wedding.

Beach Wedding ideas to add a Mexican touch.

In the recent weddings, I’ve had the honor to work in, it came to my attention numerous cool decoration details that added that special Mexican flavor and color to their celebration. And I wanted to share it with the brides-to-be that are planning to get married in any spot of this wonderful country.


  • TEQUILA SHOTS: There is not any other Mexican drink more representative than tequila, and surely helps perfectly to turn the fun on! Fiesta!1612271950_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • PAPEL PICADO: these colorful paper flags are a fantastic and not expensive decoration option for the reception area, and even they could be personalized with the newlyweds’ names.1612271946_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • TABLE ASSIGNMENT DOLLS: Besides being a useful and beautiful name holder, it’s an immediate souvenir for the guests. 1612271951_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • MARIACHI: There’s nothing better than live music, and if it happens to be the lively and typical from Mexico you can rest assured your guests will enjoy a wonderful experience. And it’s the best match to the tequila shots 😉 .1612271947_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • MARACAS: These ones are multi-purpose, they could be used to greet the newly weds on their way out of the ceremony, to ask them for a kiss ( instead of the traditional tinkling a glass) , and a nice treat for the guests – and they could be customized with the wedding colours and bride & groom names, too! –1612271949_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography
  • DIA DE MUERTOS CENTER PIECES: You can incorporate one of the most renowned Mexican celebrations in your wedding decor by using these characters.1612271945_lime_fotografia_puerto_vallarta_wedding_photography



Author: raul perez amezquita

Fotógrafo, parcialmente geek y 101% feliz padre de familia. / Photographer, a bit of a geek and 100% happy father of two girls. Wedding photography

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