Your wedding


Hi! My name is Raul, a regular guy, blessed in so many ways: my family, the beautiful place I live and work, and for the oportunity of making a living out of my passion, photography.

And LiMe is a huge part of my life as it represents the opportunity to tell the extraordinary stories each one of us have to tell.


If you are looking for something else than just photos, I can gladly offer you to make a visual recording of the fleeting moments and personal details that, surely, be present in your wedding day. The goal is that in each image you find a spark of life and emotion that recalls the way you’d feel that day.

LiMe fotografia beach wedding photography Chacala Nayarit Mexico_1411141746

I want to see you crying, and laughing and living each moment as those will be the bricks of the story we will build and will become the first block of the family memories you are about to start.


Your wedding could be not as those on the magazines, as totally unexpected things could happen, but that is what will make it unique and unforgettable. And that authenticity is what will be preserved for you and your beloved ones.

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